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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower mast..
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Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 01:09:33 +0100
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I was thinking that a power window motor off of most any car would make a
great driver for the rotor. I would just need to find or make the matching
gear for the mast.
 I could also use small SPST momentary contact switches on a the outside of
a cog,  wired to leds to indicate direction ( I have hundreds of leds and
about 30 of so small SPST's on hand.)
 I would just have to make me a ring of led's in the shack and wire them to
the proper LED in the compass ring.
 I also have some multi lead cable (there has to be 50 wires in this cable
that I picked up at an auction, it was in a crate I bought for $5)
 To tell the truth, it sounds like a fun project.
  The only hard part that I can think of is the gear for the mast pole.

> Joe .. that is part of the fun of Amateur Radio, `spearmintin' and like
> that!  In the days of yore, many a ham shack had directional antennas
> by hand ..  called the  "ARMSTRONG METHOD" .. I have had some like that, a
> couple as simple as a nylon line looped around the front of a yagi
> with appropriate tie-off points in the wanted directions ... with a
> tri-bander or like that, you don't need any north-pointing hoot owls or
> that .. find Polaris, stick a stake that-a-way, and go for it.   Look for
> ancient publications with Armstrong Rotator install hints .. not too hard
> find .. lots of hams had steering wheels with compass points to spin that
> thar aerial!  AND .. you can find bargains on rotators from time to time,
> especially if you are willing to take them apart and get them functioning
> ... not brain surgery, and lots of help available here, and at the rotator
> (or, rotor .. like you had in your `57 Chevvy distributor) repair places,
> they are really swell at providing info, and have parts galore... quite
> reasonable to redo as new!
> 73  Mark Nelson  -  AA6DX
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> OK I'm busted...
>  My budget is going to be very tight for a while after I move to the new
> qth. I kinda put my foot down with the wife so that I can get the funds
> the tower but there is not much left over after that (unless the home I am
> in now sells for a bit more than I think it will)
>  Most of you might know where I am going with this by now...
>  For a while I can see me turning the beams by hand. That should not be a
> problem (just a pain in !$$) as the tower will be right next to my shack.
>  I could keep that set up and build a chain or gear driven rotor myself
> add it later. I know its better just to buy one but like most hams, I like
> building stuff.
>  Joe
> > Maybe I"m overlooking something but, where does the rotor go once you
> > have the mast sitting on a steel ball in the base of the tower?
> >
> > Mike / W8DN
> >
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