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Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 19:43:27 -0500
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Merlin - Maybe I can help you, a lot actually - How large an antenna are you 
putting up on this tower and what height? These may be inconsequential 
questions so I should say," How large does your rotor need to be?" I have
tried to Elmer in a few newer hams before and I might be able to come up 
with you a good used rotor. If it was large enough for your install. I have 
a few here and would have to go check them out and see what I have on hand. 
I feel that you are talking about coming up with more stuff here than a good 
used rotor ( rotator ) would cost - dependant on size of course. I should 
also ask- are you in an area that is served by UPS?

Dave / NØATH

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower mast

I like the chain thru the side of the shack idea.

 What if, I ran the chain thru some pipe between the gear on the mast and 
the gear on the steering wheel inside the shack? It could be pvc as long as 
I support it well at the tower and the holes drilled thru the shack would 
support that end. Plus that would stop a lot of the problems with the chain 
being exposed to the weather...An iced up or rusted chain  would really 
 Putting the chain in a pipe or tube should do away with any slack that 
would tend to derail the chain and is very easy and cheap to do.

 Also, it would be easy to make the hardware to attach a sproket to the 
 I was thinking instead of bicycle chains and sprokets useing some 530 
motorcycle chain and sprokets. Any mortorcycle repair shop should have some 
used ones cheap.

Any more ideas?


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