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Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 17:26:27 -0400
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I have had three runs of 9913 (actually an off-brand cheaper equivalent; I 
can't recall the name at the 
moment) in place for 17 years.  Each run is about 125 feet.  There has been no 
noticeable change in 
performance, SWR, etc. since the beginning.

73, W1JA
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> Many will advise AGAINST the use of coax with a mostly air dielectric for an
> exterior installation (most) because of moisture condensation inside of the
> coax air space, i.e.. 9913.  Better velocity factor, yes, less loss, yes,
> until it gets moisture inside, then it's ruined, or will be in a few weeks
> when it all corrodes.  9914?  I haven't used this and don't know the
> dielectric, if the same, same scenario.  Just repeating others opinions that
> seemed to make sense.  HF?  Mil spec RG213 works fine, what I use is direct
> bury and UV resistant.  UHF, maybe the velocity factor and loss difference
> is worth replaceing it more often.
> 73, Jim
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>> The type of coax depends a little on the distance from the shack to the
> top of the tower.
>> Purists would probably say 9913 or 9914 or the equivalent. 


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