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[TowerTalk] RX antenna for 30, 40 (and 80)

Subject: [TowerTalk] RX antenna for 30, 40 (and 80)
From: "Geert Hofman" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:36:40 +0100
List-post: <>


I have been doing some (antenna) garden work and have now installed a
full size vertical for 40 (again). I will be installing a half loop for
80 m and also a delta loop for 30 m.


But especially for 30 & 40 , my RX is (and has always been) covered with
tremendous noise. In TX I have no problems , whatever I hear I can
mostly work, but I want to improve my RX. Now having admired the
beverage set up at ON4UN who lives about 5 miles from me, and having
read almost everything on RX antennas, I was wondering what you guys
would recommend for 30 & 40 m RX, because most of the things are aimed
at 80 and 160 m. I have no interest at all in top band and am not
expecting too much from 80 , but I like 30 & 40 .


My plot is 20 m x 50 m ( 70 ft x 170 ft ), but cannot use any guying (
because it's also children's playground), and difficult to put things in
the middle. Also for additional supports/.., I am restricted to about 25
ft for fixed set ups of tubing. But I have 2 40 ft fibreglass masts (
spiderbeam ). I have been looking at a beverage about 170 ft long  a
K9AY, a low dipole  ( inv V at 25 ft apex), a horizontal rectangular
loop at 20 to 25 ft average height  following the contours of the plot,
a vertical parasitic array.. but I am not quite sure what to take as a
good RX DX antenna specifically for 40 & 30 m. Alternatively I am
contemplating to install a 40/30 m dipole on top of my tribander (
stacking only 3' possible), and although I think this is the best
solution, I am concerned about windload of this configuration for my
mast. Also still looking for a good design of a 30/40 trapped dipole
with max wingspan of about 10 meters, which is not too heavy...


I wonder what you would suggest me to do. BTW, I do not live an urban
environment and have average to good soil conductivity and in many
directions, especially from SW over N to SE "free sight". I am also on
one the highest spots of the area (albeit only 200 ft ASL !).


Looking forward to your valued input !


Geert - ON4IG - OQ5A



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