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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Electric Winches
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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 14:03:03 -0500
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In light of what Doc, KD4E said about 12V winches I started to think about my 
current Hazer equipped tower project and found this on the internet:

My deep-cycle boat battery will do nicely to lower the assembly to avoid the 
nastiness of mid-west thunderstorms.

Thanks Doc,
Clint - W5CPT
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  Subject: [TowerTalk] Electric Winches

  I have been cranking my tilt-over Rohn 25 tower up and down with a manual 
boat winch for over a year now. 

   Dutton-Lainson StrongArm 120V AC Electric Winch - 4000-Lb. Capacity

  I have seen these electric winches advertised at Glen Martin. I am wondering 
if this would not be a suitable replacement for my manual winch. I need power 

  Anyone have any experience with these electric winches?


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