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[TowerTalk] Tower Rating - 90 MPH with Ice

Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Rating - 90 MPH with Ice
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 21:32:13 EDT
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Has anyone had success meeting the new TIA 222 G spec. in the northern states?

My city simply says "meet the spec."  The way I understand the spec is that 
the tower / antenna must be able to withstand 90 MPH with 1/2 inch radial ice.  
I also understand that the 90 MPH 3 second gust speed  correponds to 75 mph.

So my question is simple.  Is there a reasonably sized (and priced) 50 foot 
tower out there that will meet the this spec?  I don't mind paying for 
engineering certification if I knew what was being certified was going to meet 
spec.  By the way, my city will not accept arguements like existing 
installations, nesting tower during storm, etc.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Plymouth, MN

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