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[TowerTalk] New Tower / Florida Soil (sand) question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New Tower / Florida Soil (sand) question
From: "George - Ku3o" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 22:47:57 -0400
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Well, I'm finally at the point of pouring concrete for my anchor holes
and tower base for my 70' of Rohn 45 tomorrow morning at 7:30AM.
(Purchased from our friendly tower purveyor K4XS, thank you Bill,

I've been re-reading N1LO's excellent Tower Topics Notebook
( ) and have just become a little
freaked out about my soil conditions...  I've followed the Rohn instructions
to the letter regarding my holes, rebar, etc.... but I now realize these
are for what Rohn calls "Normal Soil"

Question:  Am I hosed because I have not made allowances for
Florida Soil?  i.e. Sand!  After reading N1LO's description of normal
soil, I am concerned that I've not done due diligence in this area,
i.e. compensation for possibly not having "normal soil" 

For you tower owners who live in Florida soil conditions, what adjustments, 
if any, have you made to the Rohn specs for your anchor holes, etc...  

Thanks for any guidance...
George - Ku3o

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