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Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 10:07:39 -0600
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De John - VK6JB,

There is one recommendation in the quote below that would be the FIRST step 
I would take.

I suspect this new manager is reveling in his recently attained power. You 
can see this in his action to send a letter instead of talking direct to you 
about his perceived issue(s).

So the first thing I would do is "lawyer up"... Actually, a simple letter 
back to him written by a lawyer on his letterhead will carry a significant 
weight. It will also keep this issue private. The last thing you want to do 
is shine a spotlight on this new manager because his natural tendency will 
be to dig in and hold his position, whether he is right or wrong.

Keep it private in the beginning.

I used this technique with a neighbor who wanted me to pay the repair 
charges to his car when he ran over my purebred sheepdog and killed him. I 
received a letter from his insurance company. I lawyered up, composed a 
letter for my attorney, which he re-wrote in more "compelling terms" and 
sent back to the insurance company and the neighbor. That's the last I heard 
about the issue.

There is incredible power in a legal letterhead that you can leverage to 
your advantage. If this doesn't work, then follow the other recommendations 
you were given.

Good luck in your resolution.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

> Contact your National amateur radio organization... and maybe a large 
> local
> Club.... perhaps they have some good advice, or even free legal counsel
> available to you if you're a member... and maybe even if you're not.  Or 
> at
> least maybe they can refer you to a lawyer who will take your case....
> hopefully pro bono.  Get some of your neighbors to write to the public
> housing authority or council in your favor. How about a local organization
> for the disabled? Maybe they have some help to offer you. 


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