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[TowerTalk] Rain Induced Voltage

Subject: [TowerTalk] Rain Induced Voltage
From: Phil Camera <>
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 10:46:18 -0600
List-post: <>
"Do Polyphaser lightning arrestors drain static?  I thought they only shorted
to ground after reaching a preset high voltage.  He was only measuring 7
volts maximum on his coax.  If it did drain at 7 volts, what happens when
you transmit with a KW into a less than perfect antenna?  Does your RF also
drain and not reach the antenna?"

I personally use ICE devices.  Here's a link to a technical article comparing 
them to Polyphaser's design.

I'm not sure about where the RF goes, but I've worked 340 all time, so my RF 
must be getting to the right place!

Phil  KB9CRY


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