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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Plumbing a Tower
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Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 01:12:24 -0500
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K7LXC wrote:

> What I do is to climb up to the first set of guys 
> with a  little bubble level and put it on each leg. You 
> can have someone on the ground  tighten or loosen each
> turnbuckle until you've got it where you want it. <snip>
>     Then all you have to do is stand on the ground  next to a 
> tower face and just look up. You can tell easily how much 
> it's out  of plumb and which way because it'll be pretty obvious. 

That's what I did, more or less. I checked and corrected plumb after
installing each set of guys, including the temporary guys (pier pin
installation.) I wanted to make sure the tower wasn't vastly out of kilter
as I was building it, and I think this method saved time overall.

After installing the temporary guys, I used a 4-foot level to check plumb on
each leg. Then, after installing the first set of permanent guys and
removing the temporary guys, I rechecked the legs of the bottom section with
the 4-foot level, then sighted up the tower to check plumb up to the
permanent guys. I repeated the sighting procedure after installing each of
the other two sets of permanent guys. Finally, I checked plumb over the
entire tower height with a transit level. Without further adjustment, each
leg was plumb within half a leg width, or about an inch over 110' from
bottom to top. So, the sighting method is pretty accurate. Like Steve said,
when you look straight up the tower it's pretty obvious which way it's

73, Dick WC1M


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