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[TowerTalk] More possible RCS8V problems

Subject: [TowerTalk] More possible RCS8V problems
From: "Kelly Johnson" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 16:38:14 -0800
List-post: <>
I think I resolved my issue of a few weeks ago whereby the signal
would just start dropping out and a tap on the CW key would bring it
back to life.  It was either a relay problem OR a bad PL-259 solder
joint.  I replaced the PL-259 and moved to another output port on my
RCS-8V and the antenna is working again.  Now, I have a new problem.
After sitting for an hour or two I start getting S7 or S8 noise.  This
is similar to the signal dropping out, but this time instead of having
the signal drop out I get S7 or S8 broadband noise.  The strange part
is that it affects ALL the antennas this time.  I can switch from
antenna to antenna and I see the same S7 or S8 noise, even on antenna
inputs that have no antenna connected to them.  A tap on the CW key
once again fixes the problem.  This time I'm thinking it is some relay
that is common to all of the antennas (ie. connected to the input) OR
it is yet another bad connection but this time on the feedline that
goes from the shack to the remote switch.  I don't understand what
would cause this noise.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I'm just about ready to junk this remote switch.  This is the second
one I've owned and it seems unreliable.

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