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Re: [TowerTalk] height fold over kits?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] height fold over kits?
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Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 15:56:22 -0500
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Just took delivery of a 60' Heights folder over (non crank-up) a couple of
weeks ago, actually it was personally delivered by Drake himself from

I looked at this vs. a Tash (had a Tri-ex 37' foldover that this is
replacing) and UST 55' foldover. The Height's is spec'd for it's windload at
10' above the tower apex, the Tri-ex I had was only at 4'. This Heights is
spec'd at 23 sq ft at 80MPH and folds-over at the 4.5' level.

I will have a pair of 30' 6M beams stacked on this. The one factor I liked
about the Heights was the weight, every section I could either hand carry or
put on a simple hand dolly and move it around. Even the 37' Tri-ex required
a lot of effort, but if you have the manpower this should not happen
frequently. Also shipping costs were 1/3 of the heavy steel towers.

If you do go with the Heights get the Stiffened Bracing as it will more than
double the "Allowable Horizontal Shear", which I did as I was considering a
50' boom 6M antenna. But I can't fold over a 50' boom as it will foul

I opted for another fold-over as it was much nicer to work on any tower part
without leaving the ground.

Oh, the other reason for the Heights vs. UST/Tash, was that I could use
Heliax. With the crank-ups Superflex was the best I could do.

BTW, for my county building permit I needed stamped PE drawings that were
spec'd for a BWS of 80MPH. Heights complied with this.

My concrete has another few weeks to cure so I have not put it up yet.

Gary Mitchelson
N3JPU Montgomery Co. MD  FM19
MD/DC State MARS Director AFF1MD
USAF MARS Technical Services Manager AFN1TS 

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Subject: [TowerTalk] height fold over kits?

I am trying to decide between a us tower hdx555 with the motor drive 
and foldover fixture and/or  a heights foldover aluminum tower of 
equivalent height.

Either will have a 10-20 foot mast at the top with one large (50') 
six meter
yagi and relatively small yagis for 144, 220, 432, and 1296.  I need 
to be able 
to work on the antennas from the ground level as I cannot climb.

Any comparisions or comments would be appreciated.  I have read good 
and bad about both approaches.


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