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John: I believe that it is generally accepted that the beams should be no
closer than 6-8 feet. If you have a typical ham tower, extending the mast 15
feet above the top with the 40 up there could well exceed the capability of
your tower. Certainly, mounting one at 15 ft above and the other at 8 ft
above would probably overload your tower. I see from your QRZ info that you
are in Washington and have made the DXCC honor roll so you are probably most
interested in working DX. I personally would probably use the 20 on top
since most of the new countries we need are most active there. I would
accept a weaker signal on 40m.  In any case, you could certainly improve
your DX signal with higher antennas than you are planning. I have a 4el 20
at 60ft and a 6el 20 on another tower at 130 ft. The tall one is much better
on DX than the lower one.  73, Dan, N5AR in Spokane, Wa (dxcc top of HR)

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On a 40FT tower with a 20ft mast, which antenna would you put on the top of
the mast, and which one on the bottom for the folowing antennas:

Cushcraft 40-2CD 2 el 40M beam

M-Square 4 element 20M beam

Please explain your reasoning for your choice.

John Owens - N7SEJ

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