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Re: [TowerTalk] Potential New FCC Tower Construction Threat

To: "Eric Hilding" <>, <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Potential New FCC Tower Construction Threat
From: Pete Smith <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 12:21:38 -0500
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Eric, there truly are no NEW topics on towertalk.  This one was worked to death 
2-3 years ago.  IIRC, there were several studies cited that fairly well refuted 
this.  With yahoo's new search capability, a quick run on bird and collision 
should get you those references.

73, Pete N4ZR

t 12:00 PM 12/10/2006, Eric Hilding wrote:
>As if BPL and CC&R's aren't bad enough, it appears we may have a new potential 
>tower construction threat issue to deal with in the future.
>I'm passing along some info that I just read in a newsletter from my Attorney 
>in Washington.  It appears to pertain to commercial tower installations, but 
>you know the drill...give the environmentalists an inch and they'll take a 
>mile. Most Enviro-Nazis do NOT distinguish between amateur & commercial 
>towers...they hate 'em all.  Hopefully the ARRL is on top of this, because 
>even a remote possibility that future tower constructions might all require 
>costly Environmental Assessments if the FCC adopts policy changes requested by 
>the US Fish & Wildlife Service could be bad news for us.  In abundance of 
>caution, we might want to all file Comments on behalf of Amateur Radio in the 
>Proposed Rulemaking in Docket 03-187 before the January 22 deadline.
>The USFWS is estimating between 4 and 50 million bird collisions with 
>communications towers each year.  This was a MAJOR issue for Mike, K9AJ and 
>myself in negotiating our IOTA NA-178 trip with USFWS last Spring.  We had to 
>take down our small Sigma 5 vertical dipole on the Island at sunset due to 
>concerns over bird collisions with the teenie weenie horizontal T-bars.  Only 
>the slender "Farallon Special" (Super-charged mobile screwdriver antenna with 
>extension shafts & whips) was allowed up during the night and installation was 
>restricted to the adjacent shaddow area of the tiny Carpenter Shop we operated 
>from on the Island.  We could have no "horizontal" antenna components of any 
>size in the air at night & no guy wires.  And you think you have CC&R 
>In January I will have been a licensed ham for 50 years.  I have never had any 
>bird collision situtations myself, nor heard of any occuring with any other 
>ham operator I've spoken with on this subject.
>Many City and County Building/Planning Departments have already been known to 
>cause grief to ham operators seeking permits.  The last thing any of us need 
>is to see a costly environmental assessment requirement added to the 
>mix...anywhere in the U.S.
>IMHO, we need to formally distance ourselves from commercial tower 
>installations in this Proposed Rulemaking.  It might be prudent to contact 
>your Senator/Congressperson folks as well.
>FYI & 73.
>Rick, K6VVA
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