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Re: [TowerTalk] Potential New FCC Tower Construction Threat

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Potential New FCC Tower Construction Threat
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 17:20:13 -0800
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On 10 Dec 2006 at 13:18, Mike Fatchett wrote:

> I know a number of Owls and Eagles that would be very upset with the removal
> of my tower in Montana.  They have found that the tower works very well for
> a base of operation for their attacks on mice, rats, rabbits and fish.
> Although I might enjoy the hot tub more if that big ole Great Horned Owls
> wasn't always looking at me!

For Goodness' sake, don't let any officials know that your tower is a 
danger to mice, rats, rabbits and fish as well as to birds!  That 
REALLY will spell trouble for us!

And now, because the bird-strike thread has restarted (what is it? 
about once a year?) I'll tell my story about how my tower is a threat 
to the local songbirds.  We have a beautiful pair of Cooper's hawks 
that nest nearby, and they sometimes perch on my Yagi as a handy 
lookout.  (They are birds, and they don't seem to be harmed.)  But 
boy, you can't find a visible songbird around when they are on their 
antenna.  You can look up what Cooper's hawks like to eat, if you 
want to.


George T. Daughters, K6GT


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