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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Plumbing a Tower
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 16:55:50 -0800
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At 04:11 PM 12/11/2006, Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:
>Do NOT buy a cheap one.  I have a black and decker.  Decent unit, or so I
>Can't see the lines in sunlight.
>What REALLY sucks though is that it's not really level!  Over 30' it's about
>4" lower on one side than the other.

I would have said that you should get a new one under warranty, but, 
interestingly, B&D has no performance spec for their levels.  Shame on them...

A typical carpenter's level has a sensitivity of about 1/16" over 4 
ft, if not better, and I would expect that the vial is parallel to 
the long side within half that amount (or even better). (that is, if 
I put the level on a flat surface, adjust the surface so the level 
reads "level", and then flip the level around, it should still read 
"level") I use some feeler gages on a flat table to "simulate" the 
level surface.  We're not talking about a precision theodolite here 
trying to measure seconds of arc.

However, even my cheap $10 2' level from OSH has an adjustable vial 
position (there's a hold down screw that you can loosen and 
*carefully* rotate the level vial).  You might check yours to see if 
a similar thing is possible.  Levels get dropped or banged or 

It's just too easy to make a decent level, I can't imagine one being 
off by 4" in 30 ft.  Heck, that's a 1% grade, and you could probably 
SEE that it wasn't level if you were driving on it.  You'd certainly 
feel it if you were riding a bike in both directions.

>I really like it, in fact I'm hooked on them.  Gonna have to go find a
>really good one though.  And test it well before buying it.


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