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[TowerTalk] Ground radials to ufer ground connection

Subject: [TowerTalk] Ground radials to ufer ground connection
From: Beat Meier <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 07:43:12 -0300
List-post: <>
Hi all

What's the right material to put in an concrete like a towerbase or ufer 
ground  to connect
the radials to? The radials will be copper the tower is plain iron steel 
as also the rebar cage of the tower base...
I've hered also htat exists bimetal  for such cases but foudn nothing

I have now my tower ready (plain iron painted) and want to put the whole 
tower to ground.
Second I thought to put the lightning conductor isolated from the tower 
Now the question: Is it wise or do I have to connect the lightning 
conducter at the tower base
with the ground or should I connect lightning conducter to ground 
radials which goes away
and connect the tower ground only at the base with say 1 or 2 ground roads?
Of course the equipment is grounded to the tower.

Thanks for ideas and hints


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