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Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 11:35:46 -0600
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I will be helping a friend erect a 100' 45G (plans changed from 190' to 100' 
due to county permitting issues; the tower is to get 900mhz internet, not 
amateur application and thus subject (in our county) to more regs).

The guys are to be at 31, 61 and 91' according to the drawings.

Questions: First, is there a "strong" reason not to guy at the 100' level, when 
all that is going up is the access point, it's directional antenna to the 
backhaul, and a small omni-directional antenna?

Second...what about temporary guys when putting it up.  If we don't use them, 
he'll be up on 3 sections of unguyed tower, which just doesn't seem right ;).  
What material should we use for them? 

Art, KC2G

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