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Re: [TowerTalk] You think you have line noise !

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] You think you have line noise !
From: Randall K Martin <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 11:37:53 -0700
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I will be very interested in whether or not Xcel actually follows 
through and fixes your problem.

Over a year ago, a local Xcel RFI specialist came out to my QTH and 
identified not one, but three different poles that were generating 
significant noise.  He told me that a crew would be out in the next few 
months to fix them.  These poles generate S-9 plus QRN, mostly on 10 and 
15 meters.

I'm still waiting for them to come repair the poles.  They no longer 
answer their phones, and do not return calls.  I am currently working 
with the ARRL RFI desk to try and remedy the situation.  They sent a 
letter to Xcel on November 7th, informing them that they are in 
violation of FCC rules.

At least one other ham in the Denver area is also getting screwed by Xcel.

This has been a recent change in attitude by Xcel here in Denver.  I've 
had two other incidents of problems in the past with power line QRN, and 
Xcel fixed them both within a few weeks after I reported it.

Randy K0EU

Tod-ID wrote:

>The following appeared on the Minnesota Wireless Association reflector.
>Steve Fraasch, K0SF, has been searching for this noise source for four
>years! If you have questions he can be contacted at =>
>Tod, K0TO
>>From the MWA reflector:
>******  NW Metro MOA Line Noise Update   ***
>More good news !
>  Pat Waddick, Xcel RFI tech, returned to work yesterday.  I called
>yesterday am to give him the source location.  He visited the pole and
>audibly heard the arc.  Today, he was over at my home to verify that the
>pulse pattern was the same; he agreed that it was.  Then he and I went back
>to the site.  We were able to actually see the arc this morning (it was
>higher intensity today, because of higher humidity, I could not hear the
>noise yesterday at home yesterday am).  I could hear the arc from over 500'
>this AM as Pat and I walked up to the pole.
>  The arc is approximately 2 inches long and is between a compression
>fixture that attaches the down guy to the pole at the top.  The neutral at
>the top of the poles is then arcing to this fixture, which then should be
>grounded via the down guy.  Looking thru binoculars, we could actually see
>the 2" arc and the blackening of the wood pole.  Pat told me that this is a
>345 KV system, not a 130 KV as thought previously.  The down guys are some
>90' high and over 100' long.  Since the arc pumps these directly, it is no
>mystery why this radiates very far at low frequencies and can be heard on my
>AM car radio in Corcoran, Hassan Township, St. Michael, Albertville,
>Greenfield, Loretto, Medina, Maple Grove, Long Lake and Osseo ! [a 40 mile
>diameter circle !!]
>  Pat was fully convinced that a repair was required and that I was indeed
>affected by it from 3.75 miles away.  He aknowledged that Jim Fielder, KE0L,
>and Mark Franklin, K0KX are also affected, as are other hams that may not be
>as active.
>  He said that the difficulty would be getting into the swamp, since the ice
>was not strong enough yet to support a truck, but they would try to get it
>fixed as soon as possible.  He just called me about 10 minutes ago to tell
>me that a supervisor had returned his call and thought he could get a guy to
>climb the pole next week without a truck and make the repair.  We will have
>to wait and see if that is possible.
>  At this point, I do not want to make a call to Mr. Abbott or anyone else
>at Xcel.  Doing so would diminish Pat's sense of responsibility for taking
>ownership of the problem.  Let's have him work with the high tension group
>at Xcel.  I am very confident that Pat will do his best to have it fixed.
>Xcel certainly doesn't want a pole ruined or weakened by an arc.  There is a
>time to keep quiet and nod your head and listen, and while he is supplying
>all of the adjectives and verbs, I think this is that time.
>  The good news is that the source is found, Xcel will fix it, and since it
>is a strong arc pumping what is essentially an excellent lowband antenna,
>hopefully many besides myself will benefit from lower noise when it is
>  73,
>  Steve Fraasch, K0SF
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