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[TowerTalk] Elimination by FCC of the Morse Code requirement.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Elimination by FCC of the Morse Code requirement.
From: "Kirk" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 09:34:57 -0600
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I appreciate the comments that have been made in support of the elimination
of the CW requirement.  I hope you're right in assuming that this is a
positive step in fostering support and interest in our hobby. However, I
strongly agree with those of you that have expressed concerns, this will do
harm to our hobby.   I hope we are wrong but I feel that this is the final
nail into casket of amateur radio.


As a (then) youngster (age 13) learning the code was difficult but a
challenge I stepped up to.   It was a requirement and in order for me to
participate, it was what I had to do.   Personally, I'm glad I was forced to
take this step.  Otherwise I would never have had the pleasure of sharing,
over the years, the many wonderful QSO's.  Over these past 50 years I've
seen a lot of changes in ham radio.  Some positive and some questionable.
The elimination of the CW requirement is not a good move.  I am very sorry
to see this happen.  


Regards to all


Kirk, K6KAR

Niceville, FL


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