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[TowerTalk] Code test eliminated

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Code test eliminated
From: Steve Mendelsohn W2ML <>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 11:53:15 -0500
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Let me see if I have this correct as so many like to look to the past.

1970s - Incentive Licensing will kill Amateur radio.  But it grew
1980s - CB radio will kill Amateur Radio.  But it grew
1990s - The No-Code Tech will kill Amateur Radio.  But it grew.
2000 - Cell Phones will kill Amateur Radio.  But it grew
2006 - Elimination of the CW requirement will kill Amateur Radio.

Hey, we have a trend here.  If they keep killing Amateur Radio there
won't be any place to talk on HF because of crowding.

For those who think Amateur Radio sounds like CB now, remember
that most of those you hear on the low bands had to know CW to get their
license.  It's not a knowledge of CW that causes or solves problems, its
the behavior of those who believe they are somehow more entitled than

Having tracked the sociology of radio clubs for 25 years, I found
that, by the mid 1990s, most of the club officers in the ARRL
Hudson Division had some kind of CB background, yet there
were more club members.  Their interest and zeal grew local club

Maybe we shouldn't let facts get in the way of our emotional perceptions.
Tends to tone down the arguments.

-73- Steve, W2ML
Past 1st VP ARRL


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