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Subject: [TowerTalk] Play the fiddle
From: "Thomas Tow" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 09:24:29 -0600
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My point was NOT about CW, notice I never mentioned it, or the elimination
of it. That is not the issue but a part of the problem. After being on the
board of one of Nashvilles oldest clubs...we have problems, major
does ALL have organizations. We have had high quality programs monthly,
affliated and meeting for years at the Red Cross here, field trips,
wonderful field days organization, recruiting drives, classes....etc. ....
We have worked with the League on trying to stimulate and preserve the
quality of this hobby. It is NOT working guys.  We have tried to give
existing and future hams a reason to be in this hobby...more than traffic
reports on the shack on a belt.

The league says this apathy, dumbing down scenario is a national crisis for
hamdom. Yet, many just play the fiddle while Rome burns. Lets change this
thread...right...lets talk about ground rods for the 900th time...lightning
issues for the 1000th time, covering rust and where to find Rohn 25
bolts...for the millionth time...guy wire tensioning and true north...can't
miss those monumental threads.

I think one of the earlier posters made my point for me...been wanting that
extra that he has another easy button...may be time to get
it...instead of putting in some time and effort...just wait...why do it
now??  Wait, the free tickets are coming at Wal your drivers
license, pay ten bucks and you are on the air. It is on the way and a matter
of time. Each one of these "easy outs" is another step toward that day and I
don't have a solution. I would like to hear one. We need help here and
everyone I know who cares about preserving this hobby s open to suggestions.
HF will be CB, like it or not is on its way unless the FCC and the
League do something. No CW, fine..change the tests so that radio operators
have some clue other than how to locate the PTT button. The test questions
are a joke..memorize the answers and you are an Extra.  No understanding or
thinking required.
Some need to reread the purpose of ham radio...remember the "trained pool of
operators" theory??  Too bad that has been forgotten and eliminated. 
Yeah I know, all of these topic have value..and they do. One can find more
good information about how to be a ham here and on other reflectors than for
ALL of the nonsense the FCC can put on paper. The FCC is kindly creating a
mass of channel 19 good buddies and everything we value will be unusable
Next coming....vanity "Handles"  $50 bucks and you can be "snowman",
"bandit" or "rubber duck".
Breaker 20 a copy on the duck??   
Now....back to the proper rope for your gin poles, watching your concrete
cure and other fiddlers tunes....
Tommy WD4K


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