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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] coax seal...late comment
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Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 22:03:44 -0500
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sri, but I read these in bulk, and this one might be played out

I use Coax Seal it on all my connectors, and find it excludes moisture the 
best.  It does so by filling in the threads rather than covering them. 
Here's the the thing about Coax Seal. Yes, it sticks to everything, but it 
loves to stick to itself better than anything eles, so I use this in my 
favor.  I've discovered a way to get it completely off connectors; PL-259's, 
N's, and assorted Andrew.  To accomplish this, I first slice the goo and 
peel it back in either direction.  I gather the sealant but hold onto the 
wad rather than tossing it and keep it warm and pliable.  After I've removed 
as much as possible, I use the wad and stick it quickly against the 
remaining material, and just as quckly yank it away from the connector.  In 
doing so, you can pull the leftover goo right off the connector.  This 
technique works best in cooler or cold weather, but I've done this in the 
heat of summer with somewhat slower success.   It's a tedious process, but 
I've found it to perform better than any tape, although I can't speak for 
the SteppIR type silicone fusion tape.

7 3,
Tom Hybiske K3GM


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