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[TowerTalk] Using Phillystran for Tram Material

Subject: [TowerTalk] Using Phillystran for Tram Material
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 12:22:06 EST
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The tram system that I used (borrowed) used Phillystran for it's tram  wires.

Phil  KB9CRY
I've never used Philly for tram material and I know  it's  lightweight and 
has the required strength to handle the job.  However,  having worked with the 
stuff for over 20 years, my concern would be its lack of  resistance to 
abrasion.  Pulleys can get stuck (no rotation) and could  really chew up a 
cable in a hurry, and just the general run up and down  would eventually abrade 
the covering.  Plus the stuff is expensive.   YMMV.
Bill K4XS/KH6

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