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[TowerTalk] BIP/BOP with a three high stack

Subject: [TowerTalk] BIP/BOP with a three high stack
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 01:47:31 EST
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After doing some HFTA for my future new QTH in KH6 (a great big thank you  to 
Dean, N6BV for the huge helping hand) I have found my three high stack of  
SteppIRs 90/54/27 (Stackmaster) looks really good in most directions, but there 
a couple of nulls I would like to bring up.  Even using the single antennas  
or the lower stack will not fill them in since I am on a big hill with a big  
drop off and the nulls and peaks are really kinda weird.  Taking care  of the 
nulls was easy enough to do back in FL when I had monobanders on  separate 
However, I think I have a way to do it and wonder if anyone has ever done  
BOP with three antennas.  I found by running the middle one out of phase  with 
the top and bottom, the results really suck.  However, by running the  lower 
out of phase by 180 to the upper two really does what I want it to  do...give a 
fat lobe of higher angle stuff to fill in the null.  At least  that is what 
the modeling shows.
Has anyone ever done a three high stack in this manner and if so, did it  
perform like the models suggest?  More specifically has anyone ever done  
with SteppIRs?
I don't think this one has been covered before, and it sure beats the  
no-code thread.
Bill K4XS/KH6

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