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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tram Rope
From: "Cam and Juli Hedrick" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 07:46:48 -0500
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Climbing rope is much different than what you would use for a tram.
Climbing ropes are rated by the UIAA for multiple falls.  The most I've seen
one rated for is 7 falls for 450 lbs.  Static rope on the other hand is
rated for load and has seen repeated use on the expeditions I've been
on...they are of course disposed of following the climbs. 
I have used 1/4" EHS successfully for tram line on several applications and
prefer working with rope.  A climbing rope will only break under extreme
stresses. Most of the failures I've seen and experienced were due to
abrasion and cuts.  Most of those were fatal and of course very few in

If you are bent on ropes, climbing rope is going to cost more than cable and
should be handled with care and all aspects of safety.
Good luck in this mission.


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