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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] K9AY Loop
From: "Bob Maser" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 10:03:58 -0500
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Of course the $64 question is:  How much is the 4 Square K9AY?  I wonder how 
much better is it than a full size 4 square.

Bob  W6TR
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] K9AY Loop

> Dear Gents,
> K9AY is great antenna. But big improvement in reception
> is obtainable to form it to 4 square.
> 20 set's was build and 13 are in use with big success
> (7 sets are sill available on my stock.)
> K9AY & 4SQUARE ...??? Yes !
> The magic boxes including Phasing Networks and Switching Directions of 4
> Square K9AY Array don't make magic its work perfectly,
> remotely controlled from shack via feed line
> details here:
> Jay was nice to see you in Friedrichshaffen
> cu soon in USA.
> I'm happy that all with the Hamation bandpass filter unit
> has his happy finale.
> best regards
> Vy 73's
> Joe Wojciech Szeliga, SP9P
>> Gents,
>> The K9AY new loop is still Gary's great antenna design.
>> It does require a ground but not 1/4 WL radials only some that are say
>> 16 feet long if you need them at all with the required ground rod.
>> In the latest incarnation of the K9AY loop that were doing not only do
>> we have a ground rod provision but include a nice milled radial ring
>> under the fiberlass poles in the mast kit to allow radials to be easily
>> attached to beef up the ground if needed, like coral reefs, rocky soils,
>> top of your garage roof, etc.
>> It will perform as the spec. says, and it will allow DXpeditions and
>> postage stamp backyards to play with the big boys with beverages if
>> installed right.
>> The loop is a great antenna idea and is like a short two element
>> veritical with 25-30+ db of F/B.  So the noise is reduced and you can 
>> hear.
>> It needs to be set up with consideration to the TX antenna like any RX
>> array.  Furthar away is better.  But it still works and doesn't cost an
>> arm and a leg!
>> Next step is to take this very directive element (array) and make it
>> into a larger directive array.  Which should open some eyes since were
>> starting with a directional antenna and not a whip. Gary has agreed to
>> help with this design.  It doesn't suffer from being an open FET voltage
>> sampler antenna, it is already a terminated matched device so it matches
>> to your feedline without problems and doesn't need special inductors/
>> swamping resistors inside.  Another advantage to those of you who know
>> about preamps and band pass pre-filters.
>> It also is not an open FET or transistor input, it has the properly
>> matched band pass filter ahead of the gain stage, so IMD is very small.
>> We test it for this.
>> Don't believe the negativity of Gary's design that you read on TTalk.
>> Please.  This is a well designed arrray, Gary knows his stuff.  Many DX
>> peditions have used it to hear your signals.
>> And I have compared it to my 6 direction 600 ft beverage arrays.  It's
>> almost as good.  Just like any antenna, if it is poorly erected it will
>> perform poorly.
>> Merry Christmas to all.
>> Jay, WX0B
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