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Re: [TowerTalk] Lightning: antenna selection, equip protection

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Lightning: antenna selection, equip protection
From: Joe - WDØM <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 15:39:14 -0700
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Hello from one of the lightning centers of the 
world.  I run a 4L SteppIR, the tower's been hit, 
lost a couple of ICE protectors (graciously 
repaired for free by ICE), and everything still 
works fine.  My installation is at:

Click on Ham Radio, then SteppIR or Lightning Protection.

Not sure there's anything that is 100 percent 
lightning proof.  I run protectors on the cables 
to, from, and at the tower, grounded the coax 
shields to the tower at the top and bottom, and 
all the other stuff routinely used to try to 
persuade Thor's Hammer from doing damage.  YMMV

Sounds like you're going to be in a great location for DX.

Happy Holidays



At 03:23 PM 12/22/2006, Robert G. Strickland wrote:
>Hello all and season's greetings...
>I am moving to the highest point in the county, a ridge line 1800ft up from
>the surrounding valleys. I intend to install a high tower [60-100ft] with a
>40m yagi over a tribander and a wire antenna system for the low bands. My
>house will be more or less under the antenna system. My kids live across
>the road, and they receive up to five direct lightning hits per month
>during the summer. With the tower I can expect to become the "local
>lightning rod" and will probably receive at least that number of hits and
>probably more. This raises questions concerning antenna selection and site
>Antenna: assuming the antenna/tower will be hit frequently, should I avoid
>trap antennas and those with embedded electronics [eg SteppIR], or should
>such antennas be okay for these conditions? Are there any antennas that are
>knows for their lightning strike endurance?
>Protection: allowing for all the lightning arresters, spark gaps, drains,
>shunts, grounds, etc, all on feed lines and control cables, all entering
>the house, all connected to the radio equipment, what's the general wisdom
>on what I should install/do to keep things from 
>being fried on a regular basis?
>Thanks much.
>...robert, KE2WY
>Robert G. Strickland PhD ABPH - KE2WY
>Syracuse, New York  USA


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