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Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 14:47:56 +0000
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I,  like K1TTT, connect pull rope to the pulley as close to tram line as 
possible.  Also prior to starting the tram pull I attach a "comealong" as high 
on mast as possible to allow me to take weight off tram as soon as the antenna 
can be SAFELY reached.  When antenna is secure on the "comealong" I remove the 
antenna from the tram pulley.

My 20M 5el weights over 150lbs and boom is 53ft and was NO problem to tram.

I have an permanent attachment point on the boom to mast plate so do not worry 
about rope attachment to boom.

When tramming to a side mounted position I like to use a vehicle at bottom end 
of tram line.  When antenna is in approximate position I drive toward tower and 
the antenna swings closer to the tower where I can attach the "comealong" to 
the antenna and release from tram line.  I want control of the antenna and off 
tram line as soon as SAFELY possible.

Good luck with tram and PLAN, PLAN.  PLAN and THINK through the process many 
times.  It preparation that is always important. 

Arne N7KA 

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