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Re: [TowerTalk] Help! Lots of Birds on Tower Problem !

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Help! Lots of Birds on Tower Problem !
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 06:48:49 -0800
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At 10:34 PM 12/22/2006, K8RI on TowerTalk wrote:

> >I had a similar problem at 4X4NJ and experimented with audio recordings
> > of birds of prey.  These were obtained from an ornithologist who worked
> > for the Israel Civil Aeronautics Administration at Ben-Gurion
> > International Airport. When I played the recordings through an outside
> > speaker, the birds would immediately leave.  I planned to obtain a good
> > outdoor speaker - perhaps a military unit from a surplus store, and
> > mount it up on the antenna mast.  Then, I could play the recordings when
> > needed - perhaps on a predetermined timed schedule, or even with some
> > sort of automated system that detects the birds and then plays the
> > recording. Before completing this project, I moved to a new QTH without
>This works, but it's not a permanent solution.  If the birds hear the bird
>of prey enough times without ation they will eventually ignore the sounds.
>That is unless they actually run into one. Then they will bear the sound
>again for a while.

They use this approach around here for corn fields and such.  It's a 
recording of the scream of some hawk or other raptor.  It actually 
works fairly well, because by the time the birds figure out what it 
is, they've harvested the field and planted some other 
crop.  However, they have MULTIPLE sound generators and they have 
multiple recordings, and they all play semi-randomly, which probably 
helps with the "getting used to the sound"

And, of course, they also do the shotgun launched bomb things, the 
propane cannons and the shiny mylar tape.



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