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Re: [TowerTalk] Force 12 Low profile towers - any experience?

To: Krishna Kanakasapapathi <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Force 12 Low profile towers - any experience?
From: "Leigh L. Klotz, Jr." <>
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 17:53:54 -0800
List-post: <>
I have one an LPT-1242.  The delivery time was quite long.

If you're going for aesthetics, you'll be interested in the covered 
winch option and the powder coated green option.
Powder coating:
They raised the price on the powder coating after I ordered and I had to 
re-negotiate.  Did I mention the delivery time was long? 

Covered winch:
I have so far been unable to raise it much past 30', because the winch 
cable grinds into the winch cover.
When I saw Tom at Pacificon, I asked about it (the tower had been 
professionally installed just the previous day), and he said (quoting 
from memory) "Yes, the winch cover doesn't work well with the hand 
winch.  Usually we sell it with the power winch."  Too bad they didn't 
mention that before during the many months I waited.  (Did I mention the 
delivery time was long?)

I've tried a number of homebrew solutions to reduce winch travel, but 
they all wind up scraping the cable against the aluminum enclosure.  
Since then I've sent email and called Force-12, but I get no answer 
whatsover.  My conclusion is that the product is defective in design, 
and I really want to work with Force-12 to get it working to spec.  So 
far, I'll have consider it an LPT-1230. 

I'll try to contact them again after the new year gets underway; perhaps 
they're all on vacation.  It's been quite frustrating for me, because 
the tower is really great other than it doesn't actually go up and down 
past about 30', and only that with great care.

If you do place an order for yours, please confirm the prices at time of 
order, and please ask them if they have any fix for the winch cover problem.


Krishna Kanakasapapathi wrote:
> Hello,
>  Any positive or Negative feedback on the Force 12 LPT-1272 which extends to 
> 72feet.
>  I plan to put up a SteppIR 3Ele on it. Live in Wake County, NC. Cary to be 
> precise.
>  Ice loading is an issue here during Winter.
>  Aesthetic rules here, so my guyed Rohn 25 might be out as an option even 
> though i have
>  a decent parcel to put up a 40ft tower. Will need to start working my HOA 
> fellow board
>  of directors first prior to letting the cat out. Hence need to get the 
> aesthetic angle squared
>  away.
> Thanks and 73's
> Krish
> w4vku
> vu2vku
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