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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] it's here and it's up
From: Steve Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 21:05:09 -0700
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Sounds like fun! You must post some pictures for us!


on 12/23/06 3:50 PM, Alan NV8A at wrote:

> US Tower called on Monday to say that my HDX-555 tower was complete and
> ready to ship. They said it could take a week for the trucking company
> to pick it up, but it was picked up in Kansas Wednesday and delivered to
> W. Michigan Thursday afternoon.
> I had arranged for a tow truck to lift the tower off the truck and move
> it around to the back yard where its base was waiting, but although
> getting the tower off the truck was simple, the tow truck tried to embed
> itself in our lawn as soon as it got off the driveway. Thus the tower
> lay on the lawn alongside the driveway -- secured (kind of) to a
> basketball hoop support -- until this morning (Saturday) when a bunch of
> us -- some hams, at least one intending ham, and some neighbors, friends
> and family members of the aforementioned -- grabbed hold of six 8ft-long
> 2x4s passed through the tower and carried it "centipede-style" (as my
> XYL, Jeanette KD8CHS, put it) around to the base.
> Thanks to the tilt-over feature (extra cost), my tower is in place and
> standing up straight (but not tall: I did wind it up to its full 55ft
> twice, but it's back down to 23ft at present). Installation of rotator,
> mast and SteppIR will have to wait until Tuesday; I'm still waiting for
> more Polyphaser lightning-protection devices to be delivered anyway --
> and also the ultra-lifelike plastic owl and the new improved
> super-deluxe solar-powered microprocessor-controlled True North
> indicator. :-)
> The one problem is that the documentation package I received when I
> placed my order included no drawings showing the tilt-over mechanism in
> position, so I positioned my electrical box based on pictures I took of
> somebody else's 72ft model -- only to find that I will now have to
> reposition the box by shortening the conduits and installing some offsets.
> 73 and wishes for a blessed Christmas to all of you,
> Alan NV8A
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