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[TowerTalk] impedance meter recommendations pse

Subject: [TowerTalk] impedance meter recommendations pse
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 23:29:34 EST
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Has anyone here had good results from any of the non-MFJ impedance meters? I 
have an MFJ-259 and 269 and they are handy to have but not very accurate in my 
experience. I have made lab measurements against these and the results are 
not as good as I'd like. 

At work I designed a network analyzer for production S21 measurements and it 
beats an Agilent 4395A VNA for accuracy. I'm tempted to adapt it for S11 
measurements but I'm a bit lazy. Some other time. 

Ten Tec has a unit that looks nice, I think it uses the Analog Devices AD8302 
gain/phase detector. This isn't the best thing in the world but it would be 
good enough for my uses. But with a price of $600 I'd like to find something a 
bit more reasonable. 

    Dave WX7G 

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