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[TowerTalk] Tower/G5RV Interaction

Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower/G5RV Interaction
From: Mike Miller <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 08:05:01 -0600
List-post: <>
Good morning and happy New Year list members,

    This should be a fairly simple question for you all, but it seems to 
escape me for some reason.  As I keep waiting for my tribander to arrive 
to put on top of the tower, I keep contemplating moving my G5RV from 
it's current tree to a higher point on the tower.  Two reasons drive 
this decision, one being the obviously already-mentioned height, and the 
second is that I want to straighten out the twin-lead portion that's 
currently run at a right angle for a portion of it's length due to the 
antenna's current installation point.  If possible, I'm going to keep 
the current endpoints, but I was considering moving the center to a 
point near the top of the tower.  The tower is a simple 40 foot Rohn 
HDBX, and the G5RV is a standard 80-10 with 33 foot of twin-lead from 
the center hanger to the balun.

    The question is this:  How far below the tribander should the 
hanging point be, and how far away from the legs should I keep the 
twin-lead?  My thought was that if I were to do this, I'd obviously have 
to come up with some sort of standoff to hold the twin-lead away from 
the tower legs, possibly something out of PVC or the like.  Or is it 
best to just scrap the idea and keep it where it's currently 
a tree about 10-15 feet away from the tower with about 8 feet of the 
twin-lead running parallel to the ground (obviously running at a right 
angle to the majority of the twin-lead which runs down the tree trunk)?  
Thanks all for your opinions and assistance, and hope you all have a 
safe and happy New Year!

Mike - WA0ZOG

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