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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Contact cleaners and lubes
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Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 11:44:06 -0600
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Thank you, Van, for sharing your experience and the info.  I agree, too, 
with removing contaminants mechanically and with use of evaporating 
solvents such as water, alcohol, and acetone for cleaning, with due 
precaution for material compatibility and for the hazards associated 
with some.

My first job in industry was in the experimental vacuum tube lab of 
Farnsworth Radio and Television (or was it Capehart-Farnsworth, the 
company reorganized a couple times and was eventually purchased by 
I.T.&T while I worked there in the early 1950s).  To thoroughly clean 
metal parts for sophisticated tubes, we scrubbed them (mechanical and 
chemical) in a detergent solution, rinsed them in successive washes of 
distilled water, acetone, and alcohol, and then deoxidized them in 
hydrogen at high temperature.

Another experience involved the use of contact lubricant on slip rings 
of gyros for use in torpedoes.  The lube significantly reduced noise for 
a time, but the lube used made matters worse after several weeks, as it 
oxidized.  It may have been OK if regular service had been possible, but 
the gyros were not field serviceable.  We had to insist upon greater 
cleanliness and prohibition of any material that might deteriorate with 
age and environment.

I especially appreciate the information offered by Caig about their many 
products and the information offered by CRC (I have the handbook of math 
tables that I purchased in 1952!) about cleaners suggested by Ron 

I also appreciate info offered by others who responded.  Comments 
regarding Caig were positive.  Channel Master was also suggested, along 
with CRC cleaning products.

Thanks to all who responded, 73 es HNY de Red

A.C.V. Elston wrote:

> Red wrote:
>> Caig laboratories

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