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Re: [TowerTalk] Distance between towers.

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Distance between towers.
From: "Bruce Meier" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 22:23:13 -0500
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Hi Keith,

Here is what I am doing - - and why.  As you know I will have (3) 100'

40/10 tower - 170' to 20 meter tower - 120' to 15 meter tower
15 meter tower - 150 feet to 20 meter tower.

Like a triangle.  Also - when the antennas are pointed to EU and/or Japan -
they don't point at each other.  The farthest antenna from the target is not
pointed at the back of any other antenna.   Hope that helps minimize the

The angle from the 40 to the 20 will be such that I can have an 80 meter
dipole for stateside between them @ 100'.

The angle from the 15 to the 20 will be such that I can have an 80 meter
dipole for Europe @ 100'.

I realize you will have the 80 meter beam - but a low dipole might just be
good for stateside contesting. (NAQP / Sprint / Sweepstakes)

My other 80 antenna will be another inverted-L with elevated radials for the
low take off angle.

Is this the best - can't tell you for sure,  but it fits on the property
that I have cleared and the dipoles will also work out.   As for coax - I
will have a dog house (cable termination hut at the base of the 40/10.  It
is the closest to the house (ham shack) - roughly 170'.   I will run 2
pieces of Heliax to the dog house and locate the 6 pack in the dog house.
Each band (40 > 10) will have individual stack matches on the respective
towers so only 1 coax per band to the six pack.   160 will be another
inverted-V (one coax) and the three antennas for 80 will go to a remote
antenna switch. - one coax to the six pack.

Optimized - don't know - but it should be functional.

Happy New Year.  Say Hi to the NARS gang! ! !

Bruce - N1LN
(aka: NC4KW)


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