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[TowerTalk] RE : Tower inspection failed for not having antennas!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE : Tower inspection failed for not having antennas!
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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 22:05:14 -0000
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Exactly the way it worked for me in Belgium.
I moved from a hired location because of to much troubles with HOA's
I builded my own house, drawed the tower on the bleu prints, and the
building permit service signed and puted there stamp.( anno 1984 )
Some NIYBY  neighboors tried several times the county path for anulation.
They never received an answer.
In the mean time the tower is up since 1986 but I am stille affraid of an
oficial intervention anyway.
Just wonder how a judge might react on such a situation!

Happy new Year Dan have funn with amateur radio and NIYBY's 

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Go straight to the senior engineer of the building department with the
approved plans in-hand. The inspectors should be inspecting according to the
approved plans and the printed building codes. I went through this same sort
of nonsense when I was having my house built here in San Diego County. While
many ex-construction worker building inspectors will tell you that the
approved plans and building codes are "subject to individual inspector
interpretation", the bottom line was that the black & white approved
construction plans and the black & white building code provided the final
word.  I never lost to a building inspector who put his own spin on the
rules.  However, the inspector is definitely not the person you want to have
the discussion with.

Dan  KB5MY/6

> I had my new Heights Tower 61' tower inspected today for it's "Final 
> Inspection" (which states that it must be done before "occupancy"), 
> and found a note today that the inspector failed it! He said it was 
> incomplete because there was no antennas installed on it!
> Of course the approved building plans and permits do not have any 
> antennas listed, and I take the term "occupancy" to mean antennas in 
> this case.
> The footing inspection was a snap, as well as getting the permit, but 
> now I am in a battle on this BS.
> Anyone else run into this?
> Gary Mitchelson
> N3JPU Montgomery Co. MD  FM19
> MD/DC State USAF MARS Director AFF1MD
> USAF MARS Technical Services Manager AFN1TS
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