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To: "Roger Kissel" <>,
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Coax Connectors
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2007 07:47:57 -0800
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At 06:19 AM 1/4/2007, Roger Kissel wrote:
>Hi All
>I'm curious about coax connectors and how YOU assemble yours.
>Of course, we all would like to use Type Ns for the impedance uniformity, in
>comparison to the old fashioned PL-259s.

I don't know that the impedance issue is all that significant, at 
least at HF.  Weatherproofing would be why I'd choose N over UHF 
connectors.  Cost (and the fact that most ham gear has them) would be 
why to choose UHF over N.

In theory, UHF connectors carry more power than N (the center 
conductor has more contact area, etc.) but since either one will 
carry more than 1500W, it be a non-issue.

>What I'm wondering is:
>Do you solder the braid into the connector body when you mount a PL259 onto
>a piece of RG-8 or RG-213 ?
>BTW HF and PL-259s are synonymous. I don't know any SERIOUS ham who would
>use a 259 for UHF.   Uhhh, why do they call a PL259 a "UHF connector" ?!?

When the connector was invented (back in the 30s?) 30 MHz was ultra 
high frequency.


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