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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Coax Connectors
From: Bill Turner <>
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 09:14:06 -0800
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On Thu, 4 Jan 2007 13:01:48 -0500, "Dick Green WC1M" <>

>9. The problem with PL-259 connectors is that the solder holes are not large
>enough for the size soldering tip you need to quickly heat the connector
>body. The solution is to slightly enlarge the holes.

------------ REPLY FOLLOWS ------------

Have you tried the method of soldering the braid where it enters the
rear of the connector, ignoring the holes completely?

It works great and allows visual inspection of the finished joint,
something you can not do when soldering through the holes. 

Give it a try, you might like it.

Bill, W6WRT

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