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From: "crawfish" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 22:06:53 -0600
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The guy is protesting a  ruling by a judge who apparently needs to review the 
case some more. Kind of extreme, but it worked. The judge is reviewing the 
case. Sometimes you have to stand up for your rights. We have a lot of people 
who aren't from around these parts come in and throw money around, trying to 
influence judges, etc. Last time I checked, Forrest Gump is a fictitious 
person. I appreciate folks standing up for themselves. If he bought it when it 
was unrestricted, it is still unrestricted in AL(my home state). More to this 
story than a picture. I bought up here in TN before the carpetbaggers got hold 
of things and screwed it up for everyone else.
                                                      Joe Crawford W4AAB
                                                      Alabamian by Birth
                                                      Tennesseean by Choice
                                                 American by the Grace of God 

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