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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 49, Issue 43
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Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 00:26:04 -0600
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Is this to say I should not scotch brite the surface rust away? 

I received the tower sections today, or at least some of them and I agree with 
the individual who sold them to me, it is surface

So with this method I would leave them as is and paint over the rusted parts?

I might add for clarification and further information that the tower verticals 
(not sure of terminology here) the three round
vertical pipes that make up the tower have no rust.

The only part of the tower that has rust are the smaller metal bars or braces I 
guess is the name for them. The part of the tower
that zig zags up the side and holds the vertical pipes together.

Some of the bars are spotty with rust and some are rusted all the way around 
the bar. But none have pits or deep penetrating rust

So it doesn't look like an extensive job that is going to take a lot of paint. 
I guess I only need to paint the zig zag parts of two
mid sections. The "top section" is perfectly clean of any rust.

Or should I paint the whole thing anyway??

Tnx Bob AD5VJ

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> > >  What is the best method, type and brand of products to use  for 
> > > getting
> >rid of surface rust from Rohn 25.
> >
> I have not been too impressed with "cold galvanising".  I 
> found that it begins to rust through after a year or two.  I 
> have had much better results with Rustoleum "rusty metal" 
> aluminium paint.  It seems to last almost as long as real 
> galvanising.  My Rohn 25 tower has been up for over 25 years.  
> I use an ex-AMBC tower base insulator with ungalvanised iron 
> castings bonded to each end of the ceramic, and an 
> ungalvanised steel adaptor plate to attach the insulator to 
> the bottom of the tower.  I painted the end castings and 
> adaptor plate with the Rustoleum, and I think I have 
> repainted it once, and it is still in good shape, while the 
> tower itself is beginning to show quite a bit of rust on the surface.
> The Rustoleum soaks into surface rust and fills the pores, so 
> that the paint-saturated rust acts like a primer and makes 
> the coat of paint adhere more tightly than it would to bare metal.
> Don k4kyv
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