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Re: [TowerTalk] Repairing CDE/HyGain/MFJ antenna rotators

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Repairing CDE/HyGain/MFJ antenna rotators
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 14:34:06 -0600
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Hi Clint --
Nice that you were able to get that rotator repair info 
in a pdf file.  Perhaps the author of that one would 
also put it on a web site to make it easily available to 
others.  If he needs the space I can add it to my info 
and give him full credit.  I just wanted to make sure 
this kind of information was made available to other 
hams.  Several things on my website came about 
because I couldn't find any good info out on the web 
so I had to wring it out myself.  Then I wrote it up for 

I absolutely agree with you about not using gasoline 
for a cleaner and I knew I'd catch flack from 
someone if I let that go on into the article.  The truth 
is, however, that I told just what I did during my 
repairs and I did caution about using it outside and in 
the clear.  If I was really smart I wouldn't have used 
gasoline either, but if I were really smart I'd be rich 
so I guess you see that I'm admitting to 
Next time I rebuild one of my rotors, I promise I'll 
plan a bit further ahead and have a much safer 
cleaner on site.

I've already received several notes from other guys 
saying that they were glad to see this information so 
my time in preparing it was worthwhile and well 

Jim - K5LAD

On 9 Jan 2007 at 11:50, Clint Talmadge wrote:

> I read this post with some interest as I too have a HAM type rotor
> that I would like to go through. I recently placed a post on TT asking
> for a repair procedure and was given one in PDF format by a ham who
> used to repair rotors. He sold a repair kit and the instructions were
> part of the package.
> I must greatly disagree with one step of your instruction though. 
> Please never use Gasoline as a degreasing agent.  Gasoline is a motor
> fuel and is VERY dangerous whether or not it is used inside or outside
> (as suggested on your web site).  There are many commercially
> available cleaners and degreasers which are not any where near as
> dangerous as Gasoline and actually do a much better job at cleaning,
> degreasing and not leaving any residue when done.  Of course with any
> cleaning chemical follow the directions and heed the warnings of the 
> manufacturer.
> Clint - W5CPT
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>   Subject: [TowerTalk] Repairing CDE/HyGain/MFJ antenna rotators
>   After repaired my HAMII rotator the other night, I 
>   wrote up some details, partly to jog my own memory 
>   later and partly to share with others, on doing the 
>   repairs.  I put it on my web page Saturday night.  
>   See:
>   <
>   0Repair.htm>
>   or 
>   I thought there would be quite a few, if not many, 
>   articles out on the web on the same subject but I 
>   was surprised to see this was not true.  A long 
>   Google search only found one other somewhat 
>   similar article on this topic.  I'm sorry now that I didn't 
>   take more pictures while I had it apart but perhaps 
>   what is there will help someone.
>   If this helps anyone to repair their CDE/HyGain/MFJ 
>   rotator, then I'm happy.
>   73,
>   Jim - K5LAD
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stupid to say and then don't say it." -- Sam 
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