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Subject: [TowerTalk] shipping stuff
From: "Thomas Tow" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 09:11:07 -0600
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Hi Pat, I used to own a cable tv manufacturing/distributing company and
shipped a lot of very heavy and large satellite geosynchronous mounting
systems for TV and radio stations. My shipping clerk used to call local
trucking lines and find deadheads heading to a location near our customer.
We used the deadhead to a terminal near our customer and then she would call
a local carrier to finish the trip or the end user would arrange to pick up
the product themselves saving them even more. The customer saved a lot by
paying a greatly reduced rate since the carrier would prefer "some" shipping
costs to deadheading out west empty. For example, a truck coming from
Charlotte or Atlanta to Denver could swing by Nashville and pick it
up...drop in Denver and then use a local Consolidated/Yellow etc to deliver
to the smaller nearby town. We did this all the time.
Also, when I shipped one of my towers here, I bought 11 sections of Rohn 55,
shipped to me by Yellow Freight. N4ZZ and I went to the terminal and loaded
the sections...all of them very easily fit into my pickup, one full sized
pickup load. 
So, in the shipping world, 45 tower sections are really not very much to
ship as is only a couple thousand pounds of other stuff. If the deadhead
scenario does not work...and I know this sounds overly simple, but a medium
sized U haul type truck would be more than adequate. It may beat the
commercial shipping and handling rates not to mention the care of the stuff
and scheduling...forklifts and tower sections do not exist well together :)
 Just some other thoughts to ponder.  73, Tommy WD4K

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