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To: Thomas Tow <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] shipping stuff
From: Tom Anderson <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 10:19:50 -0600
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A couple years ago a fellow ham and I ordered new bases for our WT51 
crank up towers from Tashijian Towers in CA.  A fellow ham who is also a 
long haul truck driver had a load going to CA anyway and he offered to 
pickup the bases for us gratis (read free) since he was deadheading back 
to TX anyway.  I just had to drive about 75 miles to his home QTH in 
Wills Point TX east of Dallas and pick them up.  Can't beat a deal like 
that.   He also would have brought me a new tower if I had wanted it 
also saving me several hundred $$$$ in shipping.

Tom, WW5L

Thomas Tow wrote:
> Hi Pat, I used to own a cable tv manufacturing/distributing company and
> shipped a lot of very heavy and large satellite geosynchronous mounting
> systems for TV and radio stations. My shipping clerk used to call local
> trucking lines and find deadheads heading to a location near our customer.
> We used the deadhead to a terminal near our customer and then she would call
> a local carrier to finish the trip or the end user would arrange to pick up
> the product themselves saving them even more. The customer saved a lot by
> paying a greatly reduced rate since the carrier would prefer "some" shipping
> costs to deadheading out west empty. For example, a truck coming from
> Charlotte or Atlanta to Denver could swing by Nashville and pick it
> up...drop in Denver and then use a local Consolidated/Yellow etc to deliver
> to the smaller nearby town. We did this all the time.
> Also, when I shipped one of my towers here, I bought 11 sections of Rohn 55,
> shipped to me by Yellow Freight. N4ZZ and I went to the terminal and loaded
> the sections...all of them very easily fit into my pickup, one full sized
> pickup load. 
> So, in the shipping world, 45 tower sections are really not very much to
> ship as is only a couple thousand pounds of other stuff. If the deadhead
> scenario does not work...and I know this sounds overly simple, but a medium
> sized U haul type truck would be more than adequate. It may beat the
> commercial shipping and handling rates not to mention the care of the stuff
> and scheduling...forklifts and tower sections do not exist well together :)
>  Just some other thoughts to ponder.  73, Tommy WD4K
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