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Re: [TowerTalk] Shipping towers/antennas and other radio crap(lotsof it)

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Shipping towers/antennas and other radio crap(lotsof it)
From: Krishna Kanakasapapathi <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 17:15:39 -0500
List-post: <>
I called today to quote a 26ft x 2ft x 2ft aluminum tower from
Boca raton to Cary, NC. The quote was about $650 uncrated at about 150lbs.
The other freight services were quoting over a grand for the same.
Still shopping for value, since i am not under a deadline.


Roger Kissel wrote:

> Bill
> You should call (800.323.5441) and talk with them about
> freighting things CONUS. I have handled many items, including a Bridgeport
> milling machine around the country. The Bridgie cost me about $350 from
> Connecticut to Ohio.  I shipped 3 crates o fmachine parts from AX to Ohio
> (about 700 pounds) for about $250. That included insurance to the tune of
> about $12,000.
> FQ will always get you the last column rates for everything you do with
> them. They are people-oriented bcuz they want you to come back to them. For
> every load you bill with them, they get a commission. So if they know that
> they will get you as a repeat customer, they bend over backwards.
> My contact/representative is JOEY and you can mention my name.
> Roger
> Bill,  WROTE
> Shipping towers/antennas and other radio crap (lots of it)
> I have shipped and moved a LOT of tower over the last six years, including
> the grand finale of shipping over three hundred feet of Rohn 65, 55 and 25,
> along with several thousand feet of guy wire, antennas, miscellaneous
> hardware
> and our household possessions to KH6
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