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Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 16:35:08 +0000
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I disagree with those who say that the old specs are no good today. The science 
of loads and mechanics has not changed over the past 50 years or more and 
Tri-Ex did a good job providing these specs in drawings on their towers. I had 
a HS572 Tri-Ex tower that was at least 30 years old that blew down in a wind 
storm about 3 years ago, and the drawing package on that tower was very 
complete and very extensive. A large branch broke the triple guy wire union on 
one side so I lost all guy wires on that side and it came down. Were it not for 
that freak break, that tower would still be up there and being used. 

The drawings and engineering info that I have from US Towers for my HDX572 MDPL 
doesn't compare with what I had from Tri-Ex on that tower. I had no problem 
getting either tower permitted where I live. The Tri-Ex tower was strong enough 
that when the bent over (4 ft) section was cut off, the remainder of the tower 
is still useable. It is a very well built tower, and better than most guyed 
towers you can buy today. A local ham has bought that tower and intends to fix 
it and re-erect it. He will end up with a good tower that will last his 
lifetime if he doesn't experience a freak accident like I did. 

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