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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] changing towers
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 13:51:59 EST
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When I replaced a TX-455 for a client that had gone over in the wind, with  a 
HDX 572, I sent a copy of the tower engineering specs to Hilti Products.   
They came back with the specifications required.
The HDX-572 has 6 anchor 1" bolts, 27" long.  They recommended 6, 1  1/8" 
holes. 22 inches deep. Anchor bolts were 1" high strength threaded rod,  26"  
long.  .
I used their RE-500 epoxy.  Using their special holder, fill the hole  with 
the epoxy, push the rod in, and let it set.  Depending on the  temperatue, sets 
up within a few hours. Mount the T-base and tilt up the tower  like a normal 
installation. I used a concrete coring company to drill the  holes.
I also recently did the same replacing a BX 56 foot tower with a  HDX-555.  
Same procedure.  Works great.  

Skip,  KJ6Y
_Communications Service  Co_ ( 


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