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[TowerTalk] ice on beams

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Subject: [TowerTalk] ice on beams
From: "Stone, Gary R." <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 12:32:14 -0600
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Well, this is the first little ice storm I have endured since putting up
new beams.  I have noticed that my Opti Beam (OB17-4) is effected on 40
meters (suspect the 'air coils' have ice on them) and my Force 12 is
effected all bands (there is a harpin match on that antenna - now with
ice).  The other elements on the Optibeam are full size with no coils or


What I have found is that the resonance has lowered.  On 40 meters
(Optibeam) it is now 1-1 about 9880 khz (instead of 7.025 before - it is
cut for the CW portion) and about the same on the Force 12  about 250
300 khz lower in resonance.  On 30 meters there is a linear loading
scheme and on 17 meters full size elements but both go thru the hairpin


They seem to load fine with a tuner (built in and/or external).  Any
problems with using a tuner and continuing to operate?  (we hope to see
a little sunshine today). I am in Texas by the way and this is our ice
storm we get about once every several years!




Gary, N5PHT



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