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To: Bill Photinos <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower installation
From: Bill Gillenwater <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 17:03:36 -0500
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1. Rebar, 200
2. Hole, 100  (snagged a guy down the street who was digging a swimming 
3. Concrete, 700
4. Crane, 270 (3 hour minimum, job took 1 hour, 30 min, which included 
installing mast and beam)
5. Forming and rebar install, 150

These are ballpark, as I can recall the costs. The location was 
accessible to the concrete truck, I ran the power to the tower. Not 
knowing how much you paid I will assume it is new. Knowing the approx 
cost of a new 472, I think 2.5 times the cost of the tower is far too 
much. If you get separate prices for each operation and supervise the 
job yourself, you might get a much lower number.

73 Bill

Bill Photinos wrote:
> I have purchased a US Tower TX-472(72')  crank up tower.  I am now 
> looking at having someone do the installation.  Specifically,  dig the 
> hole, fabricate the rebar, install the rebar and pour the 
> concrete(approx. 4 - 5 cu. yards)  and lift the tower into place.  Has 
> anyone had work like this done and what is the ballpark for such a job?  
> There is nothing special about the istallation, or location, or 
> accessability,  and also no guy wires needed. Basically just a slab and 
> drop the tower on it.  I have already pulled all required permits.  I 
> have already received one quote which seems a little high( 2.5 times 
> cost of tower).  I don't mind paying and figured the install would run 
> about the same cost as the tower or so, however, I don't like getting 
> taken as this quote seemed high?  Looking for advice.
> Thanks,
>     Bill
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