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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] coax input panel
From: Hector Garcia XE2K <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 21:51:18 -0800 (PST)
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I use in my station was copper, i get a good plate 1/4
inch thick,  i get several lightning arrestors like
this one

good up to 400mhz , there are also UHF connector

Also i get others bulkhead style to be used in the VHF
and UP  up to 2.5 Ghz  

all  the ligthning arrestors have an excelent
connection to ground at the entry of the shack  with 2
 10ft ground rods  .

if you need to run several cables to the shack each
must need an entry ,  i reduce  the number using 2
remote antenna switch,   was cheaper and more secure
One single Hard line to use up to 8 HF antennas and 1
single ligthning arrestor.

check your need and try to get the best for your
pocket and your peace of mind.

Hector XE2K

--- K7AWB - Steve Sala <> wrote:

> For my new shack, I had a 2' x 2' window put in with
> horizontal sliding 
> glass.  The sliding part of the window is removable
> and I will replace it 
> with a fixed panel to route my coaxes, hard lines,
> and accessory cables into 
> the shack.
> 1) Should I use a aluminum panel so all coax cables
> and hardlines are 
> grounded together and to a ground rod or should I
> use a Plexiglas panel so 
> they are all insulated from each other?  Would 1/8"
> be a good thickness?
> 2) I will use a mix of double barrel SO-239 and
> female N bulkheads for the 
> various HF and VHF/UHF cables.  My station will have
> antennas for 160 
> through 1.2 gig for now.
> In this manner, I can replace the fixed panel with
> the original window 
> slider when selling the house.  And have the ability
> to modify the panel 
> with additional connectors as I add to the station. 
> I do not want to bring 
> in cables through the walls, but use the bulkheads
> as an easy method of 
> changing cable points as well as disconnecting
> everything when I go on 
> vacation.
> Any opinions?
> Stephen L. Sala (Steve)
> Nine Mile Falls, WA  USA (moved in May, 2006)
> Past President-Spokane DX Association (SDXA)
> Pacific NW VHF Society (#114)
> DN17es 
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